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Quitting Is The Only Way To 100% Guarantee Failure, So Why quit What You Know Gives You A Better Chance Of Success…

Yes, I Know it’s a strange combination, lol. I started in the world of pro-wrestling september 25, 2001 on the independent circuit. It was my boyhood dream since the age of 5.

Unfortunately, there is little to no money in it on the independent level so at the time I worked at a local Dollar General Store during the day. I had a few different “jobs” from 2001-2010. My last “job” was as the groundskeeper for a local student housing development. While employed there I discovered the world of “Make Money Online” in 2008.

I lost a lot of money, I got scammed and I also failed. There is a difference, A scam usually involves doing the work, getting the results and not getting paid for your efforts. Failing, simply means just that, FAILING.

By 2010 I found myself unemployed, looking for a another “job” while working with an online business…STILL failing, but still trying. I KNEW it worked, I just didn’t discover the RIGHT way to do it yet.

2011 I met a guy online that owned a number of advertising sites online named Pat Gunning. I found an error on one of his pages and sent a support ticket to inform him. He thanked me for pointing it out and we continued emailing each other back and forth. He helped me out so much with making money online.

I started doing every single thing that he told me to do and in 30 days I made my first $114.00 online (making commissions of $1-$6 per sale. 3 months later I was earning over $300+ per month.

After finally finding success online, I decided to create my own website to share everything that he taught me, unfortunately it was very time consuming and at times a technical headache but also it was taking time away from marketing my business as well. Then one day the service that I was using changed the name of their website and my site was completely DELETED with no way to access it.


Here’s the story you never hear from online marketers…

I failed then I found success….then failed again

Yes, I failed from 2008-2011. My best month ever online was back in 2013 I believe. However, I did NOT have a lot of things in place and therefore when companies didn’t last, services die and disappear. So does your online income.

I didn’t have a marketing funnel, I didn’t have a RELIABLE autoresponder service, I didn’t have RELIABLE webhosting just to name a few.

In 2015 I found a website online with a free membership. I was curious to see what they had and when I logged in, there it was…..

EVERYTHING that I was taught by Pat, Everything that I was trying to create on a stupid free webhost years before. Step-By-Step Online Marketing Done Correctly! The simple process that gave me my original online success.

Now this is one site share with people on a regular basis that are looking to get started online and in addition to that I share other aspects to grow further long-term online as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and feel free to contact me anytime, unlike many online marketers I DO NOT “pitch” or try to SELL something to you. My job is to “HELP” and inform.

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